The most important aspect of our game is that it is "football for fun". It is for this reason that there are no ladders, finals or best & fairest awards.

All participants should adhere to this philosophy and accept these guidelines:

1. Egos are to be left at home. Criticism of other player's performance, abilities not on. We are here to do our best and have fun.

2. Disputing the umpire's decisions or abuse of umpires is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

3. On field fighting or bad language is totally unacceptable and will also not be tolerated.

4. Every effort will be made to give all players equal time on the ground.

5. Tackling is kept to a minimum.

6. Masters Australian Football recognises the importance of involving our families in our activities and will continue to make a conscious effort to do this.

New players are always very welcome, but should be made fully aware of and abide by the above philosophy and what is required of them as a representative of your club and Masters Australian Football.