The Bunbury Sharks Master Rules Football Club started life as the "Adam Road Sharks" in 1993 and was based at the school of the same name. The original playing "stock" was built around a nucleus of Teachers and Parents from the school. As the Club evolved the links with the school fell away and a change of name to better reflect the geographic ties was carried out in 2002.

A family oriented club, they have always had healthy membership numbers covering a wide cross-section of the Bunbury community. Even after an Australind club was formed (the Leschenault Crabs) from our northern members, the Sharks continued to flourish both on and off the field. The main difference between the Sharks and other "normal" football clubs is obviously the age difference with the members enjoying a generally higher profile in the community.

Club Values
  • Promote fitness and positive attributes of the players.
  • Follow the Superules motto "Football for Kicks."
  • Promote comradeship and family enjoyment for players and members.
  • Develop positive liaison
  • Friendships with other Clubs
  • Organised match fixtures and carnivals
  • Promote football and sports in general with junior sporting bodies
  • Promote physical fitness
  • Positive education goals for children and students